Exchanging a Swiss driving licence following relocation abroad

The national legislation of your country of residence governs the requirements for obtaining a local driving licence. Most countries allow Swiss drivers to use their Swiss driving licence for up to one year after their arrival. However, in certain countries the time limit is three months. The procedures and requirements for obtaining a foreign driving licence vary from country to country.

Please contact the relevant authorities in the country concerned in time, comply with their laws, follow their instructions and exchange your Swiss driving licence within the stipulated time limit. Should you fail to meet the deadline, you will probably have to sit a driving test.

Procedure in Italy

According to the Agreement (f) signed between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Swiss Federal Council regarding the mutual recognition of driving licence conversions, it is not necessary to submit any translation of the Swiss driving licence or any other documentation issued by the Swiss Representation abroad or by any other Swiss Authority. However, the delivery of the original driving licence to the competent Italian Authorities, the completion of the forms provided by the same, together with the payment of possible fees remain.