Uriel Orlow Michikusa: Walks with the Unknown

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Saturday, 29.08.2020 – Sunday, 08.11.2020


Uriel Orlow, Muthi, 2016-18, single-channel video
Uriel Orlow, Muthi, 2016-18, single-channel video ©Uriel Orlow

Swiss artist Uriel Orlow is known for his modular, multimedia installations that take specific locations and events as starting points and combine archival research with evocative visuals and sounds. Orlow explores the spatial and pictorial conditions of history and memory, focusing on blind spots of representation and forms of haunting. A selection of works from Orlow’s «Theatrum Botanicum» (2015–2018) and his latest work «Leaning from Artemisia» (2019) are presented in the «Michikusa» exhibition along with the works of five other artists to encourage rethinking human activities and their environmental impact.

info: Contemporary Art Gallery Art Tower Mito

Location: Contemporary Art Gallery Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki