Domains 2022-2025

Inclusive and sustainable economic development

The garment industry in Kyrgyzstan
The garment industry in Kyrgyzstan © Swiss Embassy Bishkek, 2021

Private sector is the backbone of economic development, growth and job creation. Switzerland backs the efforts of the private sector to increase its resilience by improved legislation and to improve the business climate.

Therefore, Switzerland supports the inclusive and sustainable economic development in the country. We assist businesses to have a greater access to capital, business services and skilled labour force. It helps to increase export and performance in textile, tourism, agri-business sectors and short-term skills development. Among many others, Switzerland supports the training center for sewing operators in the garment industry, destination organizations in the Issyk-Kul region and farmers in the south of the country.

In addition, Switzerland pays high attention to development of women and youth entrepreneurship, especially in remote areas of the country. 

Governance, human rights and service delivery

Мedical students
Мedical students © Swiss Embassy Bishkek, 2021

Good governance is key for progress of countries, notably because it contributes to improving the quality and relevance of public services to people, including the most vulnerable ones. That is why Switzerland provides support to ensure that women and men are able to participate in decision-making processes at the local level that have an impact on their lives, as enshrined in Kyrgyz tradition and legislation.

Accountable and transparent public finance management and sound macroeconomic framework are one of the keys for good governance and sustainable growth. Therefore, Switzerland supports Kyrgyzstan on revenue mobilization, fiscal sustainability and efficient public finance management.

Also to improve health services available to the population, Switzerland backs the Kyrgyz government in some of its strategic efforts to strengthen primary health care system, improve health management system and to modernize medical education. In addition, Switzerland supports the diversity of cultural creation through independent organizations that reflect the full richness of views and approaches to culture. 

Water, infrastructure and climate change

Employees of the water supply system in Bishkek
Employees of the water supply system in Bishkek © Swiss Embassy Bishkek, 2021

Water is critical for life through its various uses in the context of changing climate, such as for drinking and sanitation, irrigation and hydropower. Switzerland supports the efforts of Kyrgyz authorities to implement the water code, which is about managing all sources of water in a strategic way and be prepared for inevitable implications of climate change. The quality of drinking water and wastewater services impact the population’s well-being very directly. Switzerland assists in renovating and extending urban water systems improving safe drinking water and wastewater services. This is for instance the case in Bishkek, Karakol and Naryn cities.

Switzerland started supporting the climate smart development of Naryn city and the World Food Programme activities aimed at protecting people against natural disasters in Batken, Naryn, Osh and Jalal-Abad regions. Switzerland also contributes to the modernization of the energy sector facilities including At Bashy hydropower plant and to the introduction of energy efficiency measures in public buildings such as kindergartens and sector reforms aiming at the long-term sustainability of the sector.