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Corona virus (COVID-19)

Update 26th May 2020

To Tourists blocked in Nepal, living in Switzerland:

Since the last evacuation flight of the EU has left on 2nd May, no further flight is being planned by an Embassy of the EU in Nepal.

The private company “President Travel” is working on a commercial evacuation flight for passengers to north America. This flight is planned to take place at the end of May. It is possible that later also a flight for passengers from Europe could be organized by the same company. However it has not yet been confirmed.

The representative of Qatar Airways informed the Embassy that interested persons could register for a flight by using the following link.

Switzerland is not involved in the organization of the private evacuation flight and can’t take an responsibility in this regards. Each tourist has to decide himself or herself whether he or she would wish to try to leave with the help of such a privately organized flight.

The Swiss Embassy asks tourists living in Switzerland remaining in Nepal, who have not yet registered at the Embassy, to forward their names, date of birth, passport number, local phone number and address in Nepal to the Embassy by mail:

Information regarding Nepali visa and visa extension:

The Department of immigration, where visa extensions are carried out, is closed due to the lockdown in place. After resuming its work, the immigration has informed that visa will be extended without penalty in case the validity of the visa came to an end during the period of the lockdown.


The Government of Nepal has extended the nation-wide lockdown until 2nd June 2020. The suspension of international and domestic commercial flights has been extended so far, until 14th June 2020.

Further information:

If you are sick and show symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing, please call the Covid-19 hotline under +977-9851255839; +977 9851255837 or +977 9851255834. After consultation with a medical staff per phone/hotline, visit the Sukraraj Infectious and Tropical Disease Hospital (STIDH) in Teku, Kathmandu, which has been designated by the Government of Nepal to treat cases of Covid-19 infection.


All information is subject to change and the Embassy of Switzerland cannot take any guarantee of completeness and correctness of the above mentioned information.”

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