Association Eubage – «Science Fiction Lieder»

Wednesday, 16.09.2015 – Wednesday, 16.09.2015


Science fiction literature inspires classical music. The creation of three song cycles for soprano, piano and string trio based on science fiction texts of Switzerland, Norway and Great Britain.

The Association Eubage is an association of musicians and composers living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Céline Wasmer, soprano
Lucas Buclin, piano
François Girard Garcia, violin
Noémie Bialobroda, alto
Hilde Skomedal, cello

A creation by Kevin Juillerat, Øyvind Mæland and Gareth Moorcraft

Time: 7:00pm

More information:
Kapittel festival

Location: Skur 2, Skansekaien 23, Stavanger