The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Program Webinar

Article, 30.09.2021

In order to highlight Switzerland as an education and research destination, as well as to promote the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Program, the Science & Technology Unit of the Embassy on September 30, organized a webinar dedicated to the Swiss Government Scholarships that serve as an efficient tool in bridging Swiss and Russian academic communities. The Russian partner in this project became the educational web platform “Ucheba.Ru” aimed at promoting all types of education in Russia and abroad.

The program of the webinar included greetings and presentations by the Science and Technology Officer/Head of Scientific Affairs who told the participants about the Swiss universities, as well as the introduction of the Scholarship Program by the S&T Assistant. She informed the audience about the purpose, types of the scholarships and specifics of documentation. The Science & Technology unit answered a lot of questions from the audience regarding various aspects of the Program itself and the higher education in Switzerland in general.

However, the most important part of the Webinar was the interaction of the participants with the Scholarship winners: Mr. Nikolay Mullin, a Program Alumnus who spent some time at the EPFL in 2014-2015, working on research at the Swiss Space Center; and Ms. Darya Vasilyeva who is currently studying solo performance at the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts. Nikolay and Darya received a lot of questions concerning practical issues of studying and living in Switzerland. The invitation of the real scholarship winners was a key to the success of the event. The webinar reached a very broad audience - the number of views in the internet amounted to 81,931!