Tasks of the Consulate General

The Consulate General of Switzerland stands for an official Swiss presence in and around the city of Saint Petersburg and the greater northwest of the Russian Federation. As a general rule, the Consulate’s mission is to uphold Switzerland’s interests and to guarantee the country’s visibility within its consular district.

Since 2014 all consular services (support of Swiss Abroad registered with the Regional Consular Center in Moscow and visiting Swiss tourists as well as visas for foreign nationals intendig to go to Switzerland) are handled by the Regional Consular Center in Moscow at the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia.

The Consulate promotes the development of economic exchanges and trade between Russia and Switzerland and strives to support cultural events connected with Switzerland. To that end, the Consulate focuses on fostering and expanding its contacts, linking it to local businesses, economic, academic and cultural institutions, local political authorities and foreign representations, as well as other organizations active in the social, cultural or political sphere.

In order to foster its network and presence, the Consulate organizes and participates in different venues and events (conferences, official gatherings, etc.) and receives representatives of the above mentioned organizations, as well as official visitors from Switzerland, at the residence of the Consul General.

The Consulate is also responsible for receiving and supporting visitors from Switzerland, be it official delegations participating at events like the yearly held “St. Petersburg International Legal Forum - SPILF”, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – SPIEF, other international gatherings or private citizens (artists, businessmen, academics), who take part in a project of national interest.