Defence Attaché

The Defence Section at the Swiss Embassy in Singapore

The defence section at the Swiss Embassy in the Republic of Singapore has been established on 12 August 2019 based on a decision taken by the Federal Council in 2018 to adjust the defence diplomacy network of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS). Previously, Singapore was covered by the Swiss Defense Attaché in New Delhi, India. With this permanent presence of the DDPS in Singapore Switzerland takes into account the geostrategic and operational importance of Singapore as well as the growing security and military interests between the two States. The defence section will reinforce and complement the longstanding politico-diplomatic partnership between Singapore and Switzerland.

The section is headed by Lieutenant Colonel General Staff Alexandre Perren (DA), who covers all services (Army, Navy and Air Force). His main tasks are:

  • To represent the military interests and foster the defence relations of Switzerland with Singapore;

  • To constructively promote the bilateral military dialogue as well as related projects;

  • To contribute to a better understanding in his own country about the security and defence policy and Armed Forces of Singapore;

  • To advice the Ambassador regarding matters related to the military and assist the Embassy in Crisis Prevention and Management.

The DA’s status is based on international law and he is accredited to the Ministry of Defence and the Services of the Armed Forces of the host country. The defence section also comprises a personal assistant and an analyst.

Switzerland pursues an armed neutral policy and stands for constructive, solidary international politico-military co-operation. Switzerland is not a member of a military alliance. However, it participates, among other things, in NATO’s Partnership for Peace Program since 1996. It is also a member of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) (since 1997), the United Nations (since 2002) and C/OSCE (since 1975/1995). The Swiss Defence Attachés set-up currently consists of 19 posts and covers more than 50 countries.

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The point of contact for national service (conscription and military service) in Switzerland or Singapore is the Consular Section: