Governance, human rights and service delivery

Even though Tajikistan’s legal and judiciary machinery is in place, the system is still in transition and needs reforms. Progress has been made towards guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary, but much work remains to be done, in particular to ensure that the law is transparent, and the justice system is accessible to all. Often, people do not know what their rights are and how they can defend them.

Switzerland has been supporting legal reform in Tajikistan for several years. An initial project helped to set up legal aid centres in various parts of the country.  

Within this sector, the Swiss funded projects  are also supporting key Governmental initiatives led by the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan on the the reform of the outdated civil registry system. 

Switzerland will continue to develop this work: the legal aid centres will be supported, not just to offer legal advice for those in immediate need of it, but to increase people’s awareness of what their legal rights are, and how to uphold them. The practical experience of the legal aid centres will also allow determining which laws are missing and which judicial procedures need to be improved. 

A young woman places a folded ballot paper in the ballot box.
The objectives of the SDC include supporting fair and transparent elections, for example in Tunisia. © SDC

The objective of governance is to create an environment that strengthens rule of law and human rights, gender equality, appropriate distribution of power and macro-economic stability. Governance is a strategic objective of SDC development cooperation.

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