Book Tour Jonas Lüscher – "Frühling der Barbaren"

Tuesday, 01.03.2022 – Thursday, 31.03.2022


A Portrait of the Author Jonas Lüscher.
Author Jonas Lüscher. © SRF

In March, the well-known Swiss writer Jonas Lüscher completed a book tour through Turkey. The focus of his readings was the novel “Frühling der Barbaren” that was recently translated into the Turkish language. Jonas Lüscher is one of the most recognized contemporary authors in German-speaking countries. In recent years he has won several prizes for his works, including the Swiss Book Prize for his novel "Kraft" and, just recently, the Max Frisch Prize of the city of Zurich.

The reading tour took him from Istanbul to Diyarbakir, Mardin, Ankara, and finally to Izmir. In a total of four Turkish universities, he discussed his work and his profession as a writer. After various public readings at the German Bookstore in Istanbul and the Goethe Institutes in Ankara and Izmir, the readings were followed by lively discussions with the audience, where the translator Reagip Minareçi and the publisher Elif Akkay were also present. Mrs. Minareçi gave further insights into her demanding profession and the special challenges of translating literary works.

Location: Turkey