The support of Switzerland to the health sector in Ukraine concentrates on strengthening the primary health care level, with a focus on health promotion and prevention of non-communicable diseases, both of which are a high priority of the Ukrainian Government. The objective is to prevent and reduce cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancer and diabetes, as well as their corresponding risk factors, through prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles. Special attention is given to improving the skills and capacities of health care workers, including family doctors and nurses, in tackling non-communicable diseases and address disease prevention and health promotion at the community level. Additionally, the role of civil society organisations and local communities in health promotion and disease prevention will be strengthened.

Equitable and affordable access to public health care services will be fostered for vulnerable segments of the population, and special attention is given to the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, to areas with a high concentration of IDPs and returnees, and to specific health care needs caused by the situation of armed conflict.

Engagement at the policy level will be intensified in order to support the health care reform in areas of Swiss engagement, provide more visibility and scaling-up opportunities for successful Swiss experiences, and promote transparency and accountability. Special attention is given to inclusive and conflict-sensitive attitudes in the delivery of health services and information campaigns. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine and regional health authorities are supported in their efforts to strengthen strategic planning, management, monitoring, evaluation and communication. This will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the public health system in the country.

Switzerland will allocate CHF 12 million to the health domain during the cooperation strategy period 2015–2018.


Projects at a glance:

  • Mother and Child Health Programme in Ukraine (Phase II)
  • Health Promotion and Communication in Reproductive, Mother and Child Health
  • Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) Prevention and Health Promotion in Ukraine
  • Policy Dialog for better Health Governance in Ukraine

Smiling mother and child in Nigeria
Smiling mother and child in Nigeria ©SDC/Olivier Lassen

The health gap between rich and poor continues to widen. In many parts of the world, the progress that has been achieved in public health over the years is being reversed.

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