The Cooperation Office of the Embassy is responsible for the implementation of the Swiss Cooperation Program in Ukraine (2020-24) and provides a platform for partners in Switzerland and Ukraine.

The mission and the main tasks:

  • Conducting a policy dialogue with the main counterparts of the Government of Ukraine;
  • Monitoring of the context and steering of the overall Cooperation Program (2020-24) in accordance with the evolving situation in Ukraine including with regards to humanitarian needs and emergencies;
  • Adapting the Cooperation Program in line with budgetary frameworks and evolving needs in the country;
  • Planning, steering, monitoring and reporting on program and project progress;
  • Contributing to effective government-donor coordination;
  • Implementing direct bilateral interventions, including humanitarian action, in accordance with needs in Ukraine and Swiss priorities;
  • Supporting visits by national and international experts and delegations, and facilitating exchanges with Swiss stakeholders, including with sector entities;
  • Supporting communication on the Swiss cooperation engagement in Ukraine.

The Swiss support to Ukraine for the years 2020-24 focuses on four priority areas:

  • Peace, Protection and Democratic Institutions;
  • Sustainable Cities;
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Competitiveness (including Livelihoods); and
  • Health (including Water and Sanitation).

All domains are impacted by the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and have been complemented by direct humanitarian actions, with a focus on the east and south of the country.

The average yearly budget of the Swiss Cooperation Program in Ukraine amounts to around CHF 150 million.