Ukraine: Switzerland tightens sanctions in connection with the supply of Iranian drones to Russia

Press releases, 29.09.2023

On 29 September, the Federal Council adopted further sanctions in connection with the supply of Iranian drones to Russia. This aligns Switzerland with the European Union, which has adopted new measures in response to the use of Iranian drones in Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. The new measures will come into force at 6pm on 29 September.

In view of Iran's continued military support for Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, which is contrary to international law, and the fact that Russia is using Iranian-made Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to support the military aggression, the Federal Council decided on 29 September to impose further sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Federal Council has adopted the sanctions imposed by the EU on 20 July as part of its new framework for restrictive measures.

The sale, supply, export and transit of components used for the manufacture and production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is now prohibited. Furthermore, targeted financial and travel sanctions against persons and entities connected with support for Iran's UAV programme are provided for. Switzerland is incorporating these new sanctions measures into the Ordinance on Measures against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Switzerland has been adopting the EU's sanctions listings regarding the supply of Iranian UAVs to Russia since autumn 2022, the last time being on 16 August. This was done within the framework of the Ordinance on Measures in Connection with the Situation in Ukraine.

The Federal Council's decision of 29 September continues the close partnership between Switzerland and the EU with regard to sanctions.

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