People gathered around a smart phone.
The Swiss telecommunications market embraces the latest technological developments and ensures a nationwide basic service. © Pixnio

The Swiss enjoy state-of-the art telecommunications. Switzerland's ultra-modern radio and television, mobile, fixed-network telephony and internet infrastructure makes it a highly attractive location for businesses in the telecommunications sector.

All telecommunication in Switzerland exploits the latest technology. Much has happened since the first national medium wave radio transmissions in the early 1930s, and DAB+ has been available throughout Switzerland since 2015.

Mobile telephony is developing even faster. Switzerland is one of the first countries to introduce the new 5G wireless standard. Fixed networks are also gradually being upgraded and telecom companies are increasingly switching to internet-based IP telephony, which takes advantage of Switzerland's large-scale fibre optic coverage.

This infrastructure is one reason why IT companies like Google have offices in Switzerland, and why the operation of server centres, for example in decommissioned army bunkers, is so attractive.