Nature – Facts and Figures

Switzerland has a very varied landscape and great habitat diversity. The country is characterised by the wealth of its natural ecosystems and their proximity to urban centres.


Switzerland has four distinct seasons and its climate varies considerably from one region to the next due, first and foremost, to topography and differing altitudes.


Switzerland is often called “Europe’s water reservoir”. Hydropower is the country's most important renewable energysource.


Switzerland is renowned for the excellent quality of its air. According to the WHO, it is the 13th least polluted country in the world.


Some 31% of Switzerland's surface area is covered by woodland.


Switzerland's varied geography and climate have produced a great wealth of biodiversity. The federal government has introduced a raft of measures to safeguard the country's rich natural heritage.


Die Schweizerinnen und Schweizer sind Weltmeister im Recycling (Wiederverwertung) von Abfällen.