International commitment

The 2030 Agenda and international cooperation

The 'Mainstreaming the 2030 Agenda in Swiss International Cooperation' concept paper is targeted at all Swiss development cooperation actors

Implementation and financing

The Addis Ababa Agenda for Action is a financing plan for achieving the SDGs

Follow-up and review

In order to achieve the SDGs, an effective monitoring and review mechanism has been set up at the national and global level

The 2012–2015 process

It took several years of preparatory work before the 2030 Agenda was adopted

Regional perspectives on the way to the global mid-term review

The Regional Forum 2023, co-chaired by Switzerland, was an important stage on the way to the global mid-term review.

Switzerland’s Special Envoy from 2012 until 2018

Michael Gerber headed the Swiss delegation in the intergovernmental negotiations