Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists

Through the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS), the Swiss Confederation awards various post-graduate scholarships to foreign scholars of all disciplines and to some foreign artists:

  • University research fellowships for scholars, doctorates and post-doctorates at Swiss universities, federal institutes of technology and universities of applied sciences (no scholarships for bachelor or masters studies)
  • Arts scholarships for advanced-level artists at Swiss conservatories and universities of the arts (only for a limited number of countries)

All interested parties who meet the admission requirements depending on the selected program can request the application documents directly from the Swiss Embassy in Brazil by e-mail from 1 August 2020.

The Swiss Embassy emphasizes that the search for a university in Switzerland, the postgraduate programme and a mentor is the responsibility of those interested.

Deadline for submission of application dossiers: 31.10.2020 (date of postmark is decisive).

Address for submission:
Embaixada da Suíça
"Bolsa de Estudo"
SES. Av. das Nações, Quadra 811, Lot 41
70448-900 Brasília - DF

Beware fake scholarship offers in the name of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships (phishing)

The Swiss authorities are issuing this warning about fake scholarships advertised by email. The Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) does not advertise scholarships by email; as a rule, scholarships are directly managed by the Swiss representation in the country concerned. The Swiss authorities recommend not responding to such emails and, above all, not transferring any money.

Scholarships for Swiss students

The scholarship office of the Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities swissuniversities administers the foreign governmental scholarships of about 40 countries on behalf of the Swiss Confederation. The scholarships are offered to Swiss students, researchers and artists to study for a period of time abroad. For more details:

Rectors’ Conference of Swiss Universities swissuniversities

Scholarships for Master and MBA Programmes

Although there are no grants for master students supported by the Swiss government, many Swiss universities and companies offer scholarships upon their own initiative.
Information about scholarships for Master and MBA programmes can be found on the page scholarships. 

Studying in Switzerland - Scholarships