Ambassador Stalder endorses punctuality campaign

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Local news, 17.09.2019

Ambassador Philipp Stalder joined the list of high profile dignitaries and personalities to give their approval of the punctuality campaign.


Ambassador Stalder, with an official of Punctuality Ghana
Ambassador Stalder, with an official of Punctuality Ghana © Punctuality Ghana

This makes him the fifth ambassador and the 27th high profile personality to endorse the campaign, which began two years ago.

The campaign led by Punctuality Ghana Foundation is to solicit the support of development partners and other stakeholders in addressing the poor attitude towards time management and work that greatly slows down the development of the country.

Speaking at a short ceremony held at the embassy in Accra, Mr Stalder said punctuality was not only critical for facilitating national development but it depicted a mark of respect and courtesy.

“We the Swiss have quite a strict attitude to punctuality, and it might be indeed be one of the reasons why our trains and our infrastructure are in place. People really start on time when they are asked to have meetings, management and staff work”, he said.

“To be punctual is also a measure of respect and courtesy. When you are late for about five or ten minutes just call the one expecting you as a sign of respect. It’s a way to communicate and open things up”, he said.

While applauding the foundation for initiating the laudable programme which targeted the youth, he urged them to give attention to public office holders as their actions and inactions towards time could impact positively or otherwise on the younger generation.

Mr Stalder said this has also affected the development of the country because much time is wasted on unproductive activities at the expense of fruitful ones.