Construction assistance in India: Improving energy efficiency in buildings

Project completed
Residential buildings in India
The construction sector in India is booming. © SDC SDC

The SDC is supporting the Indian government in its efforts to reduce energy consumption in new buildings. The project helps develop the skills of architects, project managers, engineers and research institutes in the field of energy efficiency.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Climate change and environment
Biosphere protection
15.12.2012 - 30.11.2017
CHF  4’965’000

Buildings in India account for more than a third of national electricity consumption. The construction sector in India is in a phase of exceptionally rapid expansion, with more than 23 billion square metres expected to be built by 2030. This equals the total building stock of the whole of Europe. This rapid expansion has brought with it an unprecedented rise in demand for electricity. 

Indian-Swiss collaboration

To meet this challenge, the governments of Switzerland and India have set up a cooperation project in the area of energy efficiency in buildings. The project is being financed by the SDC and implemented with the Ministry of Power and the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency over a period of five years. The main objective is to reduce energy consumption in new buildings. 

Expected results

The project's aims are as follows:

  1. Improve the energy efficiency of large administrative and commercial buildings while enabling Indian specialists to benefit from Swiss expertise. The exchanges take place in the form of workshops.

  2. Improve energy efficiency in residential buildings through the publication of a technical guide for designing energy-efficient buildings.

  3. Improve energy efficiency in public buildings through training and technical assistance in different states (Karnataka, Rajasthan).

  4. Improve the quality and transparency of testing procedures for insulation materials and the training of professionals in the industry.

  5. Train professionals and decision-makers in the construction and energy sectors and spread best practice. 

Swiss and Indian specialists are tasked with implementing this project in collaboration with partners from the public and private sectors. 

Initial guidelines

The Indian government launched the initial guidelines for the design of residential buildings at the beginning of September 2014. The guidelines focus on multi-storey buildings – specifically on window design, insulation, natural ventilation and how to position buildings so as to limit the heat absorbed from solar exposure. Also included are methods for reducing the energy consumption of cooling and lighting systems, lifts and water pumps. The guidelines also recommend the use of renewable energies (heating water with solar energy, photovoltaic panels).