Festival of Francophonie in Kansai 2023 at Kobe

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Tuesday, 21.03.2023 – Tuesday, 21.03.2023

Public event

Anais flyer
Anais flyer © Rowmuse Films Production, Japan

The Kansai Francophonie Festival 2023 in Kobe will be held again on Tuesday March 21, 2023. It is an opportunity to discover the values and diversity of the Francophonie aimed at promoting links of friendship and solidarity as well as respect for cultural diversity.

Location: Museum Hall of the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe

With the participation of 88 French-speaking countries and territories, Francophonie stands for friendship and solidarity, linguistic and cultural diversity in the French language.

Founded on 20 March 1970 in Niamey (Republic of Niger), the International Organisation of Francophonie promotes, through the French language, universal values: freedom, benevolence and equality, and themes such as friendship and solidarity, linguistic and cultural diversity, democracy and human rights. The French language is a language of thought and action. To mark the birth of this international organisation, Francophonie festivals are celebrated around the world every March.

The Kansai Francophonie Festival in Kobe will be held again this year in the hope that it will provide an opportunity to deepen understanding of the Francophonie movement in Japan and promote the sound development of young people.

The first part of the Festival will consist of speeches and presentations by representatives of the Francophonie and students from Hyogo. This will be followed by the screening of "Anaïs" by Roger Walch, and a talk event with the director.

The event is open to everyone, including those interested in Francophonie culture and the French language. We look forward to your participation. 

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