The Federal Council jet that transported the humanitarian aid team to Nepal has returned with Swiss tourists on board

Bern, Press releases, 30.04.2015

The Federal Council’s official jet, which took a Swiss Humanitarian Aid rescue team to Nepal has returned to Switzerland. It landed at Belp airport in the early afternoon with 9 Swiss tourists on board. The Swiss nationals were able to take advantage of spare capacity resulting from the humanitarian aid operation. This was not a repatriation operation – the tourists were simply able to take advantage of the Federal Council jet's return to Switzerland.


In consultation with the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS), the individuals who had taken refuge in the Swiss embassy in Kathmandu were offered the chance to fill empty seats on board the aircraft. The tourists who accepted the offer boarded the plane on Tuesday in Kathmandu. Others made the decision to continue their trip or return to Switzerland through their own means.

Swiss nationals still in Nepal who wish to leave the country will travel on commercial flights.

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