The Embassy Science & Technology Unit Supports Science Film Festival

Article, 30.09.2021

The Contemporary Science Film Festival (CSFF) took place in Moscow on 24-30 September 2021 and was part of various events and festivities dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology (Russia declared 2021 as the Year of Science and Technology).

Given that, the science & technology unit of our Embassy decided to use this opportunity to highlight Switzerland as an education and research destination and to promote the bilateral S&T cooperation by supporting the demonstration of two Swiss scientific documentaries: “The Brain” by Jean-Stéphane Bron and “The Scent of Fear” by Mirjam von Arx. The films were shown in the national languages of Switzerland and in English with dubbing in Russian. The target audience of the Festival were mainly young scientists, science journalists, university and high-school students.

The CSFF was hosted by 4 popular cinemas in Moscow such as “Illuzion”, “Karo.Art”, “New Tretyakov Galllery’ and “Documentary Film Center”.  More than 20 films were shown in total. The program also included meetings and discussions with specialists, professors and scientists (e.g. from Scoltech, Sberbank AI Lab).

After the closure of the festival in Moscow,s the films are to be shown in 155 cities and towns all over Russia till the end of December.