Vietnam: Support to the governance reforms under the “One UN Plan”

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One UN reform agenda, namely: One Plan, One Budget, One Leader, One Set of Management Practices, Green One UN House, One Voice. UN has convening role in the aid architecture and plays a vital role in supporting the governance reform in Vietnam

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01.08.2012 - 31.12.2014
CHF  4’320’000
  1. vernance is one of the two pillars of SDC Strategy in Vietnam. Supporting the implementation of the One Plan in the governance area is fully in line with SDC’s Mekong Strategy 2013-17 and the new South Bill 2013-16.
  2. Supporting One-UN in the field is an SDC priority. Vietnam is one of the most advanced One UN processes and lessons learnt can be extracted for the policy dialogue on this issue in New York.


Effetti a medio termine

i) Promoting Governance and Participation in Vietnam, in particular for the benefit of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged Vietnamese citizens, and ii) increasing UN aid effectiveness in Vietnam by grouping sixteen UN organizations under one roof, paving the way for real Delivering as One and clustering UN Country Team staff according to One Plan outcomes.


Risultati fasi precedenti:  

The independent Country-Led Evaluation found that “impressive progress” towards Delivering as One was achieved in Vietnam, thanks to a strong leadership by the Government of Vietnam, a real will of UN agencies to align around the One Plan and strong support by the development partners, both in Vietnam and Head Offices.

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Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite (ONU)
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