Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation convene a partners meeting in Harare

Article, 01.11.2023

Recognizing that the complexity of development cooperation requires strong collaboration with implementing partners, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) recently organised a partners’ meeting in Harare to provide a platform for dialogue and enhancing cross-learning between and among international organisations, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders. 

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation convene a partners meeting in Harare.
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation convene a partners meeting in Harare. © Embassy of Switzerland in Zimbabwe.

Set in the first year of Switzerland’s recently launched Cooperation Programme for Zimbabwe and Zambia 2023-2026, the meeting shared news from the SDC; discussed important context developments and emerging priorities; narrow-in outcome orientation, monitoring and evaluation and fostered collaboration and synergies among Swiss-supported initiatives. The meeting was also an opportunity to get to know and exchange with the new members of the SDC Harare team.

Structured dialogue with partners working in Zimbabwe and Zambia showcased the benefits of investing in key development and emerging priorities for Switzerland’s Cooperation Programme 2023-2026 especially in the areas of food security, health and governance, while informing the partners of the Fit for Purpose process that has been taking place in Switzerland.

The meeting also included discussions on the quality of integrated health services, sustainable food systems, resilience to shocks and localization of aid.

In addition, participants were informed on the new focus on governance as a transversal factor across partners’ work and new stand-alone outcome area of Switzerland’s Cooperation Programme for Zimbabwe and Zambia in the next four years.

“Switzerland is delighted to host this important partners meeting, which serves as an affective platform to exchange views on current initiatives and discuss concrete further steps in supporting cooperation in both Zimbabwe and Zambia in the context of the new bilateral cooperation programme 2023 – 2026,” noted Mr. Stefano Berti, the SDC Director of Cooperation in Zimbabwe and Zambia during the opening of the meeting.

The partners’ meeting also provided feedback on the Annual Report process, managing risk in implementing development programmes, the new SDC Results Data Management and an update on the visibility and communication guidelines from Switzerland.

Feedback from the partners showed the continued need for such kind of platforms to feedback on developments and to better understand the trajectory of Swiss development cooperation in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The meeting also provided a good opportunity to meet with the new management at the SDC offices in Harare.