Satellite navigation - Galileo and EGNOS

Satellite in space
The agreement governs Switzerland's participation in the EU's Galileo and EGNOS programmes. © ESA

The cooperation Agreement authorises Switzerland to take part in the European satellite navigation programmes Galileo and EGNOS.

Galileo is a satellite navigation system whose purposes include reducing dependence on the United States' GPS and Russia's GLONASS. EGNOS is a regional navigation system that improves the precision and reliability of global satellite signals. The Agreement essentially affords Switzerland access to all signals and membership of the various bodies. In return, Switzerland contributes an amount to the annual costs based on a formula set out in the Agreement.



  • Ratification of the Agreement by Switzerland (07.07.2015)


  • Approval of the Agreement by Parliament (11.09.2014)
  • Provisional application (01.01.2014)


  • Signing of the Agreement (18.12.2013)