Financial market policy

A stable, well-functioning and internationally competitive financial sector is crucial to the Swiss economy. Switzerland is committed to ensuring optimal conditions for its financial sector, both now and in the future. 

Computer screen at SIX ‒ Switzerland's stock exchange.
Switzerland creates the legal and regulatory framework to ensure high-quality services. © FDFA/PRS

A strong financial sector is crucial to the Swiss economy and to Switzerland's standing as an international business location. The Federal Council supports the sector through a sound yet dynamic financial market policy, creating optimal conditions for providers to deliver a broad range of high-quality services to national and international clients.

Switzerland's financial market policy builds on traditional Swiss strengths such as high productivity, stability, security and trust. This should enable the financial sector to retain its international standing and respond to the needs of businesses and individuals going forward. It is also essential that the sector is open to new technological and global developments to enhance its international competitiveness.

The Federal Council's financial market strategy

The Federal Council's financial market strategy sets out three action areas built around three strategic approaches: 'innovative', 'interconnected' and 'sustainable'.

The 'innovative' approach requires financial sector players to make optimal use of new technologies and data-driven business models. To enable this, the Federal Council is creating a technology-neutral regulatory framework for digital access, digitalising interfaces to the authorities and promoting innovation in the financial sector.

In deploying the 'interconnected' approach, the Federal Council represents Switzerland's interests within international bodies, ensures that attractive and internationally compatible conditions are in place, and actively promotes the Swiss financial sector.

The 'sustainable' approach is intended to ensure systemic stability and integrity and prevent financial crime. Against the backdrop of the 2030 Agenda and climate change the 'sustainable' approach also requires the Federal Council to promote tools to ensure measurability and transparency in terms of service quality and effective product prices.

The Federal Council's strategy is designed to ensure that Switzerland continues to top the rankings as a leading, modern and globally active financial centre.