Dans la Ville Blanche – Free

Tuesday, 23.05.2023 – Tuesday, 23.05.2023

Dans la Ville Blanche
Dans la Ville Blanche ©Filmograph - Alain Tanner


The Swiss film "Dans la Ville Blanche", Alain Tanner's masterpiece, is offered to you on Tuesday, May 23 at 6:30 pm (in person).


Synopsis: Paul, a mechanic on a cargo ship, arrives in Lisbon for no particular reason. Settled in a hotel room, he lives this stay as a parenthesis in his life. He wanders around the city for days, filming with his Super-8 camera images that he sends to his wife in Switzerland, along with letters recounting his long hours of meditation. He meets Rosa, a waitress in a bar, develops a relationship with her and falls in love with her. Assaulted and robbed at a street corner, he is hospitalized. Without any news of him and believing that he has been abandoned, Rosa leaves Portugal to work in France without leaving any address. Paul then takes the train to go home.


[Fiction ¦ 1983 ¦ 108 min. ¦ Switzerland, Portugal ¦ VO FR, ENG, GER, PT with French subtitles]


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Location: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Montreal, 1200 avenue du Docteur-Penfield, Montreal