Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance, Phase I

The objective of this partnership ist to support selected middle-income SECO priority countries to better manage their fiscal risks, and thus strengthen their resilience against crises. The partnership comprises two programs: the Government Debt and Risk Management (GDRM) Program and the Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance (DRFI) Program.

Paese/Regione Periodo Budget
01.07.2010 - 31.12.2015
CHF  7’401’750

The Programs provide tailor-made technical assistance and capacity building with a focus on two major aspects of fiscal risk management: public debt management and sovereign disaster risk financing.

Effetti a medio termine

Activities under the government debt and risk management (GDRM) component will be implemented by the World Bank Treasury. They fall within five functional areas: i) governance arrangements, ii) policy coordination, iii) capacity and management of international operations, iv) debt management strategy and risk management, v) domestic borrowing and management of contingent liabilities.

Activities under the disaster risk financing and insurance (DRFI) component will be implemented by the World Bank Catastrophe Risk Working Group. They concern: i) catastrophe risk assessment and modeling, ii) fiscal risk management of natural disasters, iii) private catastrophe risk insurance market assessment and development, iv) capacity building for disaster risk financing strategies.

Direzione/Ufficio responsabile SECO
Credito Cooperazione allo sviluppo
Budget Fase in corso Budget Svizzera CHF    7’401’750 Budget svizzero attualmente già speso CHF    0 Budget inclusi partner del progetto CHF    7’401’750
Fasi del progetto Fase 3 01.05.2022 - 30.04.2027   (Fase in corso) Fase 2 01.12.2016 - 31.12.2021   (Active)

Fase 1 01.07.2010 - 31.12.2015   (Active)