Increased Public Security through countering organized crime and terrorism

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The goal of the project is to protect the public against terrorism and all forms of organized crime. The rapid response unit of the Czech Police will be trained and equipped and a training facility will be modernized.

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Tschechische Republik
Öffentliche Sicherheit erhöhen
Kampf gegen Korruption und organisierte Kriminalität
01.06.2012 - 30.04.2017
CHF  2’465’242

Note: the texts under all the headings, with the exception of 'Results achieved', describe the situation before the start of the project.


Protection of the public against all forms of organized crime, including terrorism, has been a priority of the Czech Republic and other developed democratic countries. To improve the capacity of the Czech police, there is a need for continuous improvement of intervention techniques by using state of the art technology. One of the instruments that would substantially improve the situation in the Czech Republic combating terrorism and organised crime is increasing the level of professionalism and combat readiness of the Rapid Response Unit of the Czech Police specialising in interventions against kidnappers of persons and hijackers of transport means, dangerous perpetrators of organised crime and perpetrators of serious wilful crimes. Switzerland has an interest in the raise of the number of successful investigations, detection and prosecution of organized crimes, terrorism and drug trafficking as well as the protection of State interests by the Police of the Czech Republic.


The overall goal of the project is increasing the capability and capacity of the Czech Republic to counter organised crime and terrorism. The project aims to increase the professionalism and the readiness of special police units of the Czech Republic by improving the technical conditions for training of the rapid response unit, by enhancing its training programmes and by improving the equipment used for rapid response interventions.

  • Police of the Czech Republic – Rapid Response Unit

The first part of the project focuses on construction of the training facility, the safety baffle system and the procurement of equipment (mobile targets, vehicle mounted lifting platform). The staff will be trained to use the equipment. The second part of the project entails cooperation activities with the Swiss project partner including joint cooperative training exercises for Czech, EU and Swiss policemen. The last part of the projects entails the development of the Rapid Response interventions guidelines and its publication.


Erreichte Resultate:  

  • Police interventions against perpetrators or serious crime were rendered more effective: The Czech Special Forces to counter terrorism and organized crime have been enabled to cut their time needed to overcome barriers, obstacles and evacuate people in half (from 30 to 15, respectively from 60 to 30 seconds) through the acquisition of modern equipment like a special vehicle mounted with a tactical lifting platform.
  • Due to the modern equipment, the number of police staff needed to train for interventions decreased from 8 to 2. Each member of the Special Forces trains on the new equipment 15 times per year. National and international training sessions to exchange knowledge between police forces have held place as well. This resulted in more efficient and professional preparation for police Special Forces in the Czech Republic over all.
  • The new training facility as well as equipment for specialized training improved technological conditions for trainings and allows for better professional preparation of police elite troops.
  • 40 Czech policemen from anti-terrorist unit exchanged with the Swiss intervention units Scorpion and Diamant as well as intervention units from Slovakian and Polish police forces, have acquired foreign experience, established professional networks between the units and which increased the quality of their training.
  • Methodological Guidelines for the Rapid Response Unit interventions were established based on the exchanged know-how and experiences from foreign partner units. It will be used as an integral element of the Police vocational training.

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  • National State Institute North

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Phase 1 01.06.2012 - 30.04.2017   (Completed)