Programme contribution to Brot für alle / Bread for all 2019-2020

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Bread for all (Bfa), the development organization of the protestant churches of Switzerland, has aligned its mandate with the Agenda 2030. Through a network of ten faith-based organizations active in partner countries, Bfa supports disadvantaged people to access Food Security, Education and Health. It also strengthens communities in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, while furthering the social responsibility of Swiss stakeholders.

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Europa dell'Est e CSI
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Organisazione per l’uguaglianza di genere
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01.01.2019 - 31.12.2020
CHF  520’000
Contesto In many countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, marginalized and vulnerable people cannot access basic public services. Inequalities have deepened and violent extremism is emerging. Climate change risks to further jeopardize the lives and livelihoods. Shortfalls in basic human development among various groups (women, youth, and refugees) often persist because of discrimination. Women are particularly discriminated against with respect to opportunities and end up with disadvantaged outcomes. Development in the South depends highly on conditions created in the North.
Obiettivi Bfa is working on moving towards new models of food production and a more sustainable and fair economy. Bfa fosters cooperation between people and promotes respect for natural resources.
Effetti a medio termine
  • Agro-ecology is becoming more widespread as a model for sustainable and equitable agricultural production;
  • Health and well-being of the population is improved through better information about health and improved access to health facilities and medical care.
  • The target population (especially discriminated groups) is strengthened in their competences through educational programs and empowered to make their own independent and autonomous life and actively participate in social processes.
  • The target groups, and especially the (church) southern partners, are committed to a non-violent and just life.
  • Women and girls (also from minorities and rural areas) in South-Eastern Europe are demanding their rights and an equal social, political and economic participation.
  • Swiss wholesale distributors and food companies addressed in campaigns consider a reduction of questionable products (such as palm oil) and develop alternatives. Some Swiss companies publicly acknowledge their due diligence.
  • Together with SDC and other institutional partners, Bfa has introduced coherent and consistent standards for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) and functioning compliance mechanisms for a protected reporting and independent treatment of cases of inappropriate behaviour.
  • Bfa has actively contributed to the dialogue on the future of international cooperation with their expertise and experience.

Risultati fasi precedenti:  

  • 2,129 small-scale producers applied at least one new agro-ecological method and another 4,257 farmers participated in additional training measures.
  • 90’129 people (49% young people) were reached by preventive measures in the health sector in the South and in Eastern Europe. The focus was on survivors of Sexual and Gender-based Violence, pregnant women, HIV-infected people and people with disabilities.
  • 5'704 persons (4'867 in the South, 837 in the East) completed trainings or further education. A tracer study of Mission 21 showed that 80% of graduates later found work or earn sufficient income independently. Besides VET projects, a total of 2’432 additional people were reached via Life skills trainings.
  • 47 southern partners (CSOs) of KoGe Learning Network were trained in the fight against corruption.
  • 7,431 people (6,871 in the South, 560 in the East) were trained in human rights, civic rights, conflict transformation and non-violence.
  • Within the palm oil campaign a dialogue is open with Lidl, Coop, Migros, Aldi and Denner. The distributors understand that there is a need for action and are willing to consider reducing palm oil in their own labels.

Efforts for strengthening harmonisation between the two development umbrella organisations Bfa and Fastenopfer (catholic churches) were successfully pursued: A framework agreement between Bfa and Fastenopfer has been signed in 2017.

  • A joint hierarchy of objectives was developed and the corresponding instruments introduced.
  • The two organizations share employees and services in administration, hence reducing overhead costs.

Members of KoGe Learning Network have further aligned their programmatic approach and strengthened the impact of their work on the basis of joint "theories of change". 


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