Political dialogue

As part of the package, a regular, high-level political dialogue is to be established. The format of this dialogue is intended to enable coordination of all bilateral relations. 

Switzerland and the EU regularly engage in a variety of technical discussions on specific aspects of their relations. However, a dialogue framework to discuss overall relations has not yet been established. The high-level political dialogue, to be established at ministerial level, will cover all areas of the bilateral approach and will take place on a regular basis. A separate political dialogue, already in place for foreign and security policy, will be strengthened.

At the political level, i.e. within the Federal Council, the developments in the bilateral agreements will be monitored comprehensively and challenges addressed jointly. In addition to the political dialogue, there may also be other political and technical dialogues, such as the security policy dialogue or a dialogue on financial policy. The political dialogue is not a substitute for the sectoral joint committees, which are led by experts from the Federal Administration.

Factsheet: Political dialogue (PDF, 1 Page, 280.3 kB, English)