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Annual Report 2015

Swiss International Cooperation 2015 – a milestone on the road to sustainable development

Annual Report 2015

HIV/AIDS, a looming threat in prisons

The SDC is helping authorities in Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe to equip prisons with adequate healthcare facilities to offer prisoners better protection against sexually transmitted diseases.


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Twenty years of cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina

Switzerland is supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina in its transition to a democratic society. Elisabeth von Capeller, head of Cooperation with Eastern Europe at the SDC, looks back.



Annual Conference of the Humanitarian Aid and the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit 2016

The conference of 18 March 2016 will be dedicated to the Syrian crisis which has caused five years of human suffering.



Dispatch 2017–2020

The principles, tasks, objectives and focus of Switzerland’s international cooperation are set out in the Federal Council’s 2017–2020 Dispatch to Parliament.


2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

A global framework for sustainable development. The 17 sustainable development goals follow on from the Millennium Development Goals.

2030 Agenda

Annual Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation 2016.

Annual Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation 2016

Enjoy the highlights of the 2016 conference: videos, articles, photos, etc.


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