Find a job by yourself

How to find a job in Switzerland

The first and most important step of the YMP is to find a job. The following websites by the Federal Office for Migration provide you with useful information about job search and living in Switzerland.

Information on living and working in Switzerland



Agroimpuls is part of the Swiss Farmers Association and its mission is to assist Swiss Farmers to find motivated trainees in the field of Agriculture and Agro-Tourism.

Interested candidates can contact Agroimpuls at least 3 months before the entry date of the work contract.

The website is only in German and French. An English Version will soon follow. Agroimpuls can be contacted in English as well.


International Farm Youth Exchange- IFYE Swiss

IFYE Swiss has been active since 1954 and its goal is to promote a better understanding of different cultures by supporting the youth exchange mainly in the field of agriculture.

There is an exchange program between Ontario and IFYE Swiss, which gives you the opportunity to work on a Swiss farm or agriculture company for 3 months, starting in May.


International Organisations in Geneva

Switzerland has hosted international organisations for more than 100 years. The first international organisations in the country were established in Berne in the 19th century. Today, Geneva and New York are the two most important centres of international co-operation in the world. Geneva is the seat of 17 intergovernmental organisations, of which 8 are part of the UN system, as well as more than 120 NGO’s. Around 140 countries have set up permanent representations in Geneva. Thousands of international meetings are organised each year attended by tens of thousands of delegates.

Thus, Geneva is also a very popular place for young people who are studying in the field of international relations and who would like to gain some practical experience by working in an international organisation.

UN Internship positions

The following website provides a list with internship positions at UN organisations. However, UN interns should not apply for the YMP, but contact directly the embassy to get the necessary visa information.

UN Internships

Notice that internships offered by International Organisations, as well as some NGO’s - are not covered by the YMP, since its members – trainees included – have their own immigrant status in Switzerland.

Geneva Welcome Centre

The Geneva Welcome Centre was founded 10 years ago by the Canton of Geneva and the Swiss confederation with the goal to assist the international community in Geneva. The website of the Geneva Welcome Centre not only provides practical information about living in Geneva, but also a list of all official NGO’s, International Organisations, Consulates and Permanent Missions present in Geneva.


Geneva International Portal

The Geneva international Portal provides further useful links to international organisations, non-governmental organisations and international conferences related to Geneva in areas such as Human Rights, Environment, Development, Peace, Humanitarian, Trade, UN, ILO, Refugees, Telecommunications, AIDS, Indigenous Peoples, NGOs, Health etc. The information is provided by Mandat International and the Welcome Centre for Non-Governmental Organisations and Delegations in Geneva.




CH-Echanges is an organisation that facilitates (among others) the exchange of teachers between Switzerland and other countries. Different exchange options are offered, from a couple of days to an entire school year.


Canadian Education Exchange Foundation (CEEF)

The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation is a non-profit foundation which handles both student and educator exchanges. Primary school teachers may apply for the French or German speaking areas of Switzerland and must be completely fluent. Secondary school teachers (children aged 11-15) may be able to teach certain subjects in English as there are a growing number of English Immersion pilot programs in Swiss schools. Applications must be in by December 31st.