Roman Signer: Films and Videos

Friday, 24.10.2014 – Tuesday, 25.11.2014


With the support of Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Roman Signer first came to China for <Action and Video> project in 2011. Three years later, curator Li Zhenhua initiate Roman Signer's first touring exhibition in China.

Roman Signer, born in 1938 in Appenzell, Switzerland, has become one of the most important artists in the world. Roman Signer’s videos and films explore the relationships between sudden energy releases and calm, between order and chaos, and the existence of form in the apparently formless. Looking back at Signer’s work over the years, this exhibition not only celebrates his extraordinary creative power and love of experimentation, but also bears witness to the striking continuity – past and present – of his artistic thinking.

The introduction of Signer’s work to China starts with investigations of his artworks. Through this exhibition, the curatorial team hopes to share with the public Signer’s memories, formerly boxed and preserved in archives and databases.


Location: CAFA Museum, Beijing