Henry Dunant:Red on the Cross by Dominique Othenin-Girard

Tuesday, 17.03.2015 – Saturday, 28.03.2015, Fête de la Francophonie


A film by Dominique Othenin-Girard Dominique Othenin-Girard

As part of the “Rencontres du Cinéma Francophone”, in the setting of the 20th “Fête de la Francophonie”, Switzerland is delighted to present for the first time in China Swiss Director Dominique Othenin-Girard’s movie Henry Dunant: Red on the Cross. This impactful artwork, which is inspired by a true story, has already thrilled and moved viewers in more than 40 countries. To celebrate this happening Henry Dunant: Red on the Cross will be screened in a dozens of cities across China. Remarkably, Othenin-Girard will present his movie to the audiences in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai for the opening of the local “Rencontres du Cinéma Francophone”.

Don’t miss the chance to discover the story of the idealist, romantic, humanist and visionary Swiss-born Henry Dunant. This forerunner of Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition led an insane battle to convince nation states to allow a relief society to take care of soldiers who fell on the battlefield, regardless of their nationality. The fierce will of this man who dared the impossible, thereby earning the first Nobel Peace Prize, was the spark that led to the founding of the Red Cross Society. This film, an epic loosely based on the life of Henry Dunant, is carried by the spirit and the passion that drove this resolutely modern hero of the 19th century.

Screening information for Beijing

17 March 18.00 : China University of Communication (CUC)
19 March 19.00: China Film Archive (CFA) - with director talk (ticket 20 rmb)
21 March 10.15 : BLCU - Beijing Alliance Française
22 Mars 18.00 : Institut français - with director talk  (entrance fee 20 RMB)
28 mars 12.15 : BLCU - Beijing Alliance française

For full screening schedule, please check here.

Location: 11 cities in China