Political Section

Tasks and objectives:

The Political Section coordinates political contacts between Swiss political authorities and their counterparts in:

  • the People's Republic of China
  • the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)
  • Mongolia

The Section reports about foreign and domestic political developments in these countries that are of importance to Switzerland. It also transmits to their authorities information coming from the Swiss authorities.

The Section is in charge of the management of a number of Swiss projects and facilitates exchanges in specific fields like politics, migration or human rights.

The Section cultivates contacts with the Ministries of the Government of China, DPRK and Mongolia, with institutions, think tanks, NGOs and other Embassies. Important instruments for promoting mutual understanding and defending Swiss interests are working visits to China, DPRK and Mongolia by Swiss politicians and high level officials as well as visits to Switzerland by their counterparts.

We deal with the following areas in particular:

  • Internal Politics China, DPRK, Mongolia
  • Foreign Politics China, DPRK, Mongolia
  • Bilateral and multilateral activities
  • Rule of Law, International Law, Human Rights
  • Development cooperation
  • Planning and Coordination of Embassy Activities
  • Liechtenstein