Foreign policy strategy 2016-2019

Strategic priorities
Strategic priorities © Parliamentary Services

The FDFA submits a foreign policy strategy to the Federal Council at the start of each legislative period, setting out the foreign policy priorities for the next four years. Rather than standing in isolation from each other, they are closely interrelated with areas of overlap.

The Foreign Policy Strategy 2016-2019 will enable the Federal Council to continue to pursue its existing foreign policy while responding flexibly to changes in the world.

The strategic priorities for 2016-1019 are:

  • Relations with the European Union and the EU and EFTA member states:
    Based on consolidating and renewing the bilateral approach, Switzerland aims to ensure a regulated relationship with the EU based on partnership and scope for development. It also seeks to promote close ties with the EU and EFTA member states, taking particular account of its neighbouring countries.
  • Relations with global partners:
    Switzerland will bolster its network of relationships with global partners with a view to safeguarding its interests and resolving specific problems. In doing this, it will address ongoing shifts in power.
  • Peace and security:
    Switzerland will build on its commitment to peace and security, lending significant impetus to a viable and just international order. It will play its part in crisis and conflict resolution, contributing to defining common answers to global challenges, and strengthening International Geneva.
  • Sustainable development and prosperity:
    Switzerland aims to achieve a world without poverty where sustainable development is promoted. It will contribute to providing a global environment conducive to prosperity. The Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 will become an integral part of Switzerland’s foreign policy.