1. Basis, duration and funding
     a.   it is constituted on the basis of Article 55 of the Government and
           Administration Organisation Act (GAOA);
     b.   it has been renewed for a fixed period of 10 years, which may
           be extended;
     c.   it is funded from the budget of the FDFA.

2. Objectives and tasks
     a.   IT coordinates the anti-corruption activities of the Swiss
           Confederation, including positions taken at the international level;
     b.   it closely monitors normative developments at the international
           level, recommendations made by international mechanisms
           and their implementation;
     c.   it organises thematic workshops with the aim of training and
           raising awareness of the issue of corruption among all actors
           concerned (federal government, cantons, communes, business,
           civil society, experts);
     d.   it defines best practices and disseminates them;
     e.   it is tasked with formulating strategic and operational anti
           -corruption objectives at the federal level and will submit these
           for approval to the Federal Council by 31 March 2020;
     f.    it submits a report to the Federal Council every three years on
           developments regarding corruption in Switzerland in the international
           context, as well as on its activities.

3. Composition
     a.   the IDWG comprises those federal offices involved in the fight against
           corruption and the Office of the Attorney General; the FDFA chairs
           the IDWG and provides the secretariat;
     b.   it establishes a small group (core group) to which operational tasks
           are assigned;
     c.   it manages an information network on corruption in collaboration 
           with the cantons (primarily through the Conference of the Cantonal
           Governments of Switzerland).

Last update 01.07.2022


IDWG on Combating Corruption

FDFA/PSD, Economic Affairs Section

Bundesgasse 28
3003 Bern 


+41 58 461 19 73

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