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The financial centre and the economy

The financial sector and exports are central pillars of the Swiss economy. Switzerland has one of the best regulated and monitored financial centres in the world. It applies UN sanctions, is committed to the fight against organised crime and terrorism, and cooperates on international taxation matters.

A large quantity of five-Swiss-franc coins
Symbol of the national economy: the Swiss franc (© FDFA)

The Swiss financial sector makes an important contribution to GDP and creates jobs. In 2020 the added value generated by the Swiss financial sector – some CHF 68 billion – accounted for 9.7% of GDP. Approximately 209,000 people worked in the financial sector in 2020, which corresponds to 5.2% of all jobs in Switzerland. Swiss exports that same year amounted to CHF 299.5 billion, representing more than a third of GDP.

Last update 10.02.2022


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