Photo of a cushion with the inscription "So Swiss!" at the House of Switzerland during the Olympic Games in London in 2012
An example of product promotion at the House of Switzerland during the Olympic Games in London in 2012.

Presence Switzerland’s information materials and promotional products present subjects that are related to Switzerland and contribute to painting a nuanced picture. Both the topics tackled and the tools deployed are adapted to the target group (general public, media or opinion leaders). In order to be sure of reaching the target group, the information contained in communication abroad must be brief, precise, to the point and presented in a suitable form, so that it can be used in various media.

Information materials and promotional products of this nature thus provide support for Switzerland’s representations abroad, assisting them in their information mission and in the framework of their communication projects. Within Switzerland, they are distributed to those offices of the Confederation that have contacts with other countries, to foreign delegations visiting Switzerland and at major organised events with a strong participation of foreign opinion leaders.Every year, Presence Switzerland distributes approximately 500,000 products.

Digital media

Digital media is a high priority in Switzerland's communication. Presence Switzerland runs two websites – the information platform and the storytelling platform – in addition to its presence on current social media platforms. Presence Switzerland also provides the Swiss representations abroad with relevant social media content, and runs training courses at the representations.

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