The Interdepartmental Committee is tasked with the administration-internal exchange of experience and information on International Humanitarian Law and its implementation in Switzerland. It ensures optimum coordination among the Federal authorities and maintains relations with the scientific community, civil society, and other organizations concerned with International Humanitarian Law, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


The Interdepartmental Committee participates in the training of the Swiss authorities personnel and persons outside the Federal administration in matters of International Humanitarian Law. The Committee also supports the ICRC in its yearly up-date of its study on Customary International Humanitarian Law. In so doing, the Committee compiles new declarations, legal texts, and judgements on the part of Switzerland. 

International recommendation

The Federal Council set up the Interdepartmental Committee for International Humanitarian Law further to a recommendation of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Some 100 States already boast of this type of committee recognized by the ICRC.

The Swiss Interdepartmental Committee is composed of representatives of the FDFA, the DDPS, the FDJP, the FDEA, and the FDHA. The Directorate of International Law (DIL) at the FDFA holds the Chairmanship. Every year, the Committee approves an action plan setting down the corresponding priorities and objectives.


Directorate for International Law, Interdepartmental Committee for International Humanitarian Law, c/o Section International Humanitarian Law and International Humanitarian Justice , 3003 Bern; Tel. +41 58 465 07 68


Last update 14.04.2023


FDFA Section International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Justice

Kochergasse 10
3003 Bern 


+41 58 465 07 68

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