The publisher of “Swiss Review” is the Organisation of the Swiss Abraod (OSA). The magazine is published six times a year in German, French, English and Spanish. In four out of six issues the regional news are published. In particular, it provides a platform for important announcements by the Swiss representations as well as reports on the activities and events of the regional Swiss associations.

The “Gazzetta” is published eleven times per year by the Associazione Gazzetta Svizzera in Vacallo in Ticino. In addition to the official notifications from the Swiss authorities, which also appear in the “Swiss Review”, “Gazzetta Svizzera” also contains a lot of news about the Swiss community in Italy.

With the publication of the “Swiss Review” and “Gazzetta Svizzera” the Confederation fulfils an obligation under Art. 10 of the Swiss Abroad Act (SAA).

The “Swiss Review” is sent to all Swiss households abroad automatically and free of charge. Please advise your local embassy or consulate for changes to delivery. The editorial teams cannot access your address and administrative data.

© Organisation of the Swiss Abraod (OSA), Associazione Gazzetta Svizzera (AGS)

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