IC 2000 train at the station in Bern
The FDFA is involved in the implementation of Swiss transport policy. © SBB CFF FFS

The growth in trade and mobility is driving improvements in the integration of Swiss transport in the European and international systems. To this end, the FDFA works together in transport matters with the relevant offices of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), in particular the Federal Office of Transport, the Federal Roads Office, and the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

Overland transport

The role of the FDFA in Swiss policy on overland transport

Air transport

Cooperation in civil aviation with the FOCA; more than 140 air transport agreements make it possible to fly to international destinations

Swiss Maritime Navigation Office (SMNO)

Information on the role of the merchant fleet that the FDFA oversees through the Swiss Maritime Navigation Office, in Basel; registration authority for sea-going yachts and small craft that are used on rivers outside the country and in coastal waters