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Presence Switzerland carries out media monitoring, image studies and annual analyses to find out about Switzerland's image abroad.
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Annual analyses

Presence Switzerland presents an annual analysis of Switzerland's image abroad based on media monitoring, its own image studies and studies by well-known institutions.

Analysis 2021 of Switzerland’s image abroad (PDF, 13 Pages, 1.5 MB, English)

Analysis 2020 of Switzerland’s image abroad (PDF, 12 Pages, 2.6 MB, English)

Analysis 2019 of Switzerland’s image abroad (PDF, 16 Pages, 4.3 MB, English)

Analysis 2018 of Switzerland’s image abroad (PDF, 12 Pages, 1.8 MB, English)

Analysis 2017 of Switzerland’s image abroad (PDF, 12 Pages, 1.2 MB, English)

Analysis 2016 of Switzerland’s image abroad (PDF, 8 Pages, 2.5 MB, English)

Analysis 2015 of Switzerland’s image abroad (PDF, 8 Pages, 1.0 MB, English)

 Analysis 2014 of Switzerland’s image abroad (PDF, 8 Pages, 1.7 MB, English)

Media monitoring

Presence Switzerland constantly monitors foreign media coverage. It monitors both the leading traditional media in the countries which are the most important for Switzerland's foreign policy and new media such as blogs and social networks. The findings feed regular analyses (e. g. weekly reports, quarterly and annual analyses, in-depth thematic and geographical analyses). These analyses contain recommendations which incorporated into Switzerland's communication in the short and long-term.

Studying Switzerland's image and reputation

Presence Switzerland carries out regular image and reputation analyses, working closely with academic partners in Switzerland and abroad. The studies include quantitative image studies, which use representative, standardised questionnaires to give a picture of how Switzerland is perceived in selected countries. Furthermore, topic-specific analyses use interviews to explore people's perceptions on specific topics.

Nation Brands Index

Presence Switzerland uses the Nation Brands Index to see how Switzerland’s compares with that of other countries. The Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index (NBI) measures the reputation of 50 countries and is surveyed in 20 states. It focuses on six dimensions to measure countries' image:  exports and innovation, governance, culture & sport, people, tourism, attractiveness and quality of life. 


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