However, Switzerland is not an EU member state, so customs clearance procedures will vary from one country to another. If you're planning to emigrate to another country, you're strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the customs formalities well ahead of time. The FDFA can provide relevant information. 

Importing household effects into an EU/EFTA state


Exporting and importing vehicles


Driving licence and vehicle registration

Swiss nationals taking up residence in an EU/EFTA member state are normally required to exchange their Swiss driving licence for an equivalent one in their country of residence. They must also register their vehicle in their new country of residence. The deadlines for exchanging and registering driving licences are different in each EU/EFTA member state. Please contact the authorities in your country of residence for further information on exchange and registration procedures and the applicable deadlines. Information is also available on the websites of the Swiss representations.

Importing pets

Rules on importing pets are standardised in EU/EFTA countries. As a minimum, the following are required for importing dogs, cats and ferrets into an EU/EFTA member state:

  • a valid pet passport
  • a valid anti-rabies vaccination
  • microchip ID

In any event, you should contact the authorities in the country to which you're emigrating in order to establish the import requirements (further requirements may apply in the country concerned). 

Swiss banking services for Swiss citizens abroad

Current situation

In view of stricter international regulatory requirements in recent years, financial institutions have become increasingly sensitive to potential legal and reputational risks, especially in relation to cross-border banking services. Swiss financial institutions therefore provide no or only limited access to certain financial services to individuals living outside Switzerland. Nevertheless, subject to local and Swiss legal provisions, many still offer current accounts to Swiss nationals living in various countries.

Talk with your bank as soon as possible about your options

The relationship between customers and their bank is governed by private law. If you are planning to relocate abroad or return to Switzerland, you are advised to talk with your bank to find out what regulations apply in your case and what options best meet your needs.


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