Bilateral relations Switzerland–Togo

Bilateral relations between Togo and Switzerland are smooth and friendly but not very intensive.

Key aspects diplomatic relations

Togo maintains permanent representation in Geneva. This representation is also accredited in Switzerland as an embassy. Switzerland is represented in Togo by an honorary consul general.

Switzerland and Togo have concluded a number of bilateral agreements: in 1964, on trade, investment protection and technical cooperation; in 1980, on air traffic; and in 2009 and 2011 on the cancellation of external debt.

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Economic cooperation

Bilateral trade between Togo and Switzerland is fairly limited: in 2016 goods with a total value of CHF 16.3 million were exported from Switzerland to Togo, in particular vehicles and machines. During the same period, goods with a value of CHF 1 million were imported into Switzerland. Most of these imports were agricultural products.

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Development cooperation and humanitarian aid

Bilateral cooperation in the areas of development and humanitarian aid are limited to individual measures such as the delivery of powdered milk. Beyond this, Switzerland supports regional programmes.

Swiss nationals in Togo

In 2016 112 Swiss nationals lived in Togo. Nearly half of them have both Togolese and Swiss passports.

History of bilateral relations

Togo has been independent since 27 April 1960 and has been recognised as such by Switzerland since that time. The two countries took up diplomatic relations the same year. These relations have been maintained by Switzerland since 26 September 1960 from the embassy in Accra (Ghana). In 1972 Togo established a consulate in Switzerland which it later expanded into a permanent representation at the UN with accreditation as an embassy in Switzerland.

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