Bilateral relations Switzerland–Dominica

Diplomatic and economic relations between Switzerland and Dominica are good but limited in scope.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

The Swiss embassy in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) represents Swiss interests in Dominica. Since May 2011, the regional consular centre in Santo Domingo has been in charge of consular services. Economic exchanges between the two countries are minimal.

Treaty database

Government of Dominica

Caribbean Community CARICOM

Economic cooperation

Dominica's economy is essentially based on tourism. The volume of trade with Switzerland is very small. In 2017, Switzerland did not import any goods from Dominica; it exported CHF 2.8 million worth of goods to the country, mainly machinery and electronic devices.

Swiss nationals in Dominica

According to the Statistics on the Swiss Abroad, 19 Swiss nationals were living in Dominica at the end of 2017.