Further explanations of import regulations with links in Turkey.

Customs authority of the Republic of Turkey

The following information can help you to gain an initial overview. It is essential that you enquire directly with the responsible authorities about the currently valid regulations. The authorities alone are responsible for providing binding information.

The import of personal effects in hand luggage is generally duty-free. Declare valuables when importing to avoid problems. The Ministry of Trade (Ticaret Bakanlığı) is responsible for imports and exports. As the information on the websites of foreign authorities is often not or not fully translated, it is best to contact a Turkish representation in Switzerland to find out about the current import regulations.

Swiss banking services for Swiss citizens abroad

Current situation

In view of stricter international regulatory requirements in recent years, financial institutions have become increasingly sensitive to potential legal and reputational risks, especially in relation to cross-border banking services. Swiss financial institutions therefore provide no or only limited access to certain financial services to individuals living outside Switzerland. Nevertheless, subject to local and Swiss legal provisions, many still offer current accounts to Swiss nationals living in various countries.

Talk with your bank as soon as possible about your options

The relationship between customers and their bank is governed by private law. If you are planning to relocate abroad or return to Switzerland, you are advised to talk with your bank to find out what regulations apply in your case and what options best meet your needs.


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