Head of Department Ignazio Cassis

Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis is head of the FDFA

Working at FDFA

The FDFA offers a wide array of interesting professional opportunities, both at home and abroad

FDFA Helpline contact form

Contact the FDFA

Aims and values of the FDFA

Safeguard Swiss interests, values and objectives, implement the foreign policy strategy of the Federal Council

Organisation of the FDFA

Map of Bern with locations and the structure and responsibilities of the FDFA's administrative units

Consultations and votes

The Federal Chancellery provides information about Swiss referendums, elections and hearing procedures.

Foreign policy strategy and implementation

Safeguarding independence, peace, security and prosperity

Communication abroad

Public relations to promote Switzerland’s interests abroad


Diplomats represent the interests of their own country in the host state. Approximately 170 countries have accredited an ambassador to Switzerland

History of the FDFA

Responsible for Swiss foreign policy since 1848, and for development cooperation since 1961