School system

In Argentina, the duration of compulsory education is ten years. In addition to state schools, there is also a wide range of private schools. The school system is divided into three levels: inicial (pre-school; usually 1 school year), primaria (usually from the age of 6) and secundaria (secondary school). Attendance at public schools and state and provincial universities is free of charge. As state schools in Argentina are overcrowded, two different shifts are necessary in most cases (either morning or afternoon school). In terms of curriculum and teacher training, the level cannot be compared to that of Swiss state schools. 

Swiss school

Two schools in Argentina are supported by Switzerland: the Instituto Línea Cuchilla in Ruíz de Montoya, in Misiones Province, which provides young people with a technical education, and the Asociación Mutual Suiza Helvetia language school in San Jerónimo Norte, in Santa Fe Province. 

International schools

There are a large number of fee-paying international schools in Argentina. The Instituto Escolar Goethe and the Colegio Pestalozzi are private schools that teach according to the Argentine curriculum. In addition to the Argentine curriculum, they teach the German language and offer some subjects in German. They receive teaching materials and personnel support from Germany. Their qualifications (including the Abitur) are recognised by all German institutions. Parents must be members of the Schulvereinigung Goethe. The Lycée Jean Mermoz is a private school recognised by the French authorities as an official French school through a bilateral agreement between Argentina and France. There are other private schools that provide bilingual education. 


Argentina has a large number of public and private universities. As university admission requirements vary significantly, it is essential to obtain detailed information in advance from the relevant higher education institution. It is best to contact the admissions office of your chosen university well in advance. The degree programme usually lasts four or five years (e.g. medicine, law). Many universities are overcrowded and the facilities do not always meet Swiss standards. 


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